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Let me introduce our domain parking and monetization service:

We make trafficable mini-sites with the parked domains. While conventional parking services earn on type-in and backlink traffic and kill the domain traffic and popularity after a while, attracts SE traffic. So even newly registered domains starts to earn in a month.

To earn with us, customers have to provide their ad codes obtained from Google Adsense, eBay Partner Network, Commission Junction, LinkShare and ClickBank. No one is mandatory, but the more codes are provided, the more profit customers earn.

We highly recommend to use at least Google Adsense or eBay Partner Network. Both of them are top sellers. If you use no Adsense neither eBay – you won’t feel the benefits of our service. If you use one of them – you’ll get pretty money. If you use both – you are rich! Other advertisers are less effective, but we recommend to use them, too, to build more contentive and attractive sites. You need to place all codes just once and all your sites will be populated with them.

90% of participating domains earn from $5 to $30 per month per domain with Participating is free.

In two weeks it will be possible for customers to add their Google Analytics codes on their sites.

Here are two examples of what we do:,
New templates and IP addresses are added regularly.

Our main competitors are WhyPark and Noomle. But we are sure that our sites get more traffic and revenue, compared to them, because we use more content sources.

.IN domains are accepted as well!
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