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i think when we use paypal the charges are what tickles us the most!

Using masspay is the way out. Masspay charges just $1 for any transaction! compared to 4% for any normal transaction.!

I. Open up notepad (or any text/ascii editor)

II. Type the following information, separated by tabs (use tab key, not spaces).
An example of a payment text file:
payment[at]domainsale.com999 USD
This textfile will, when uploaded to PayPal, process a payment of $999 US Dollars to the PayPal address payment[at]
Save the textfile as anything you'd like, just try to remember where you saved it for later.

viola you are saving $$. just paying $1 for any transaction.

only requirement is business or premiere account at paypal

hope this saves $$
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people believe that PayPal is only charging fees if the buyer is paying from credit card, but this is not right. PayPal charges roughly 4% of the amount from the payee, even though it is a PayPal balance payment.
Mass pay can be made only from a Premier/Business account, not from Personal accounts. Paypal does not charge incoming payments from balance to private accounts, so if you pay someone with a private account, just send normal payment, its free.

if the deal is seller pays fees ,then you send the money as such.the recepient bears the fees costs!

so receiving money by masspay you save on the fees($1 for any$XXXX...)
otherwise there are tools to calculate fees for a trasaction.(in buyer pays fees)

Parking companies use masspay for payouts.Just costs them $1 as fees for $xxxx payments!
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I wouldn't mind getting Paypal's opinion of this. I received a payment this way and it did work but without understanding more about it, I'm a bit reluctant. I've been with paypal since 1998 and this recent masspay thing is a bit new. Looks like a good thing to look into though.


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I use this all the time - probably for about a year now. It works well and there has never been an issue with it.

As well, Sedo uses this when paying proceeds of domains sold through them.


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