Ryder System Acquires Coop.com For New Vehicle Sharing Offering


Coop.com has been acquired by Ryder System Inc. from Activant Solutions, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Epicor Software.

The domain name moved into whois privacy from Activant and name servers also changed at the time. Coop.com is currently redirecting to the sub-domain: coop.ryder.com

COOP by Ryder is a vehicle sharing offering by Ryder that is in beta currently based on info provided on the website, which states:

COOP is the place to find hundreds of vehicles to rent, directly from other businesses, at rates lower than your rental counter.

I really couldn’t any info on it from other news sources, other than what is displayed on Coop.com.

The transaction appears to have taken place about February 21, 2018 based on whois history records. Coop.com has been registered since October 1992!

If you are branding as COOP, the right thing to do is match your domain name with the best .com domain you can and in this case, its Coop.com. It’s a clear branding message, builds instant trust in the brand (and secures it) and provides an easy gateway to find out more information to the offering.

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