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The most trusted blog in the Domain Industry, the go-to place for weekly sales, cover stories and very popular for 'The Lowdown', owner Ron Jackson finally owns the domain name

While he already owned the other variants of his domain like and, he did not own the most important name that his site represents.
However, the domain expired recently and Ron got the domain for just $250.

Here is what he replied when asked why he did not buy the domain earlier:

I don’t know if you know the story behind that domain. Goes all the way back to the end of 2002 when I asked people at DNForum to help me pick a name from a few options I listed. They picked DNJournal which I liked best as well, so I registered that name. Within a few days, some other forum member from Canada (forget his name – Lorenzo or something like that) registered and tried to sell it to me. At the time I was too stupid to consider registering other variations of the name. He has held it for 12 years and I was determined I would never let him profit from it (at least from me as I thought his initial action was a dick move). Others who inquired said he wanted $1500. I would have gone that high in this auction but would never have given it to him.”


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