Rick's musings: Need, Want, Desire, Value, Demand, Timing & Location

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Sales need several elements. Without those elements there are no sales. If there is no sales there is no profit, there is no business, there is nothing. Sales don't happen on their own. You have to have the proper ingredients to make a sale. To make a spark. To ignite the will of an unknown third party.

Need, Want, Desire, Value, Demand, Timing, Location. Those are the filters that any idea, good, product or service has to pass for it to be valuable and sustainable. Maybe you don't have to have all of them, but if you have none of them, you got zilch.

And all those filters come after your audience size is determined. It's all about MATH. Targeting an audience is great, but if it is too narrow an audience, you may not have much.



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