Rick Swartz: We are Much More than Just “Domain Name Investors” We are Investors!

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For some, investing in domains was are is their first investment. For others it is another investment you stumbled on. Either way, if you found success in one arena there is a high likelihood that you will invest in other instruments.

It's a casino with unlimited places to make a bet. But when you have those hard earned dollars, you want more than a gamble.

Domain investors have also become "Angel Investors". I know many domainers that own a piece of this os that. To me, that's the real game. Instead of playing roulette, you are the one spinning the wheel.

Our domain portfolios are wide and varied. We know there is value whether cashed in or not. But I am not satisfied with a simple cash sale. I want a complicated but simple opportunity.

Most of my parked domains have the following message:"This GREAT Domain may be FREE if your Idea is BIG & Profitable enough.".And I mean it. It's more exciting to be part of something that could take off than cashing another check.



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