Real estate and domain name parallels

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    We just sold our home and it made me think a lot about the domain name market.

    We recently sold our home in Austin. I can’t help but compare the residential real estate sales process to domain names.

    Let’s start with observations about the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The idea is that there is a central repository for home data — both for sale and actual sales prices.

    There’s a parallel between MLS and what Afternic and Sedo offer. If you list your home in MLS it is instantly searchable to all MLS subscribers in the area and is cross-posted to many real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia. (I realize that syndication is negotiated by each local MLS and is not done in all areas.)

    Afternic created DLS and Sedo created MLS modeled off of this. The LS in both of these names — and the full MLS in Sedo’s! — are not by accident. If you list your domains with these services they will be promoted across dozens of websites. It gets the domain in front of more domain searchers.