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Dwell.in - received few offers between $1400 - $1700 in December that I rejected. I was told that the buyer will get back in 2017 to negotiate further but didn't hear from them yet. I'm too impatient, so if you like to try your luck, I can sell it for $450.

Dwell.in is great dictionary word and and nice domain hack "Dwell in"

ePay.co.in - $450 - great domain for electronic payments. E-payments are going to be huge in India. I've sold iPay.in for $1200 and iPay.co.in for $450 few years ago, long before current digitalization started in India. ePay.co.in is much better than iPay.co.in!

aDay.in - "A Day In" - $75
Atoll.in - $35
Dept.in - $99 "Department"
E-B.in - $45 "E-Business", "E-Banking"
Elec.in - $35 - short for "Electricity", "Elections", "Electronics", "Electric". There are many websites on "Elec"-related domain names.
eMart.co.in - $45
eService.in - $250
eServices.in - $250
eShopper.in - $150 - got few low $xxx inquiries on it already.
Genu.in - $99 "Genuine"
Gooo.in - $99
iMarket.in - $450 - great domain for India's digital economy
iSoft.in - $450
iStudy.in - $250
iWAP.in - $25 - "WAP" websites are very popular in India
JobBank.in - $150
Outsourc.in - $25 "Outsourcing"
PayNet.in - $50
Pric.in - $35 "Pricing"
Rotwe.in - $15 "Rotwein" ("Red Wine" in German, single word)
Wedd.in - $450 "Wedding"

Domains need transfer away.
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