Offline marketing works?


I have heard people talking about how offline marketing can help you generate traffic for your website, but I have to ask, is it worth the trouble? Will it generate that much traffic or is it just going to be a little trickle?


It depends on what you mean by trickle. There are some means of marketing your site that may be considered 'guerrilla' marketing that I know works for a lot of people out there.


For those who are doing the App marketing or some cloud sales and marketing. You can find that even word of mouth can make some sales. So you just have to work harder on the user acquisition part. Many people have managed to make some decent money this way. So offline marketing does work to some extent.


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What I have noticed is that most people use the offline techniques to boost or supplement online marketing efforts. In my opinion, both approaches can be used to achieve more traffic to your online brand. I still believe in traditional offline marketing techniques like networking and print publications.


Note, it seems like newspaper ads have gone the way of dinosaurs since now most people use online job websites or online classifieds. However, though, I wouldn't totally discount offline advertising. For instance, it must be effective or the rates for such offline ads would have come down since the rise of the internet, or am I am I mistaken?


I have heard people talking about how offline marketing can help you generate traffic for your website, but I have to ask, is it worth the trouble? Will it generate that much traffic or is it just going to be a little trickle?

Depending on your business, the size of it, what you cover and how much you earn, you could easily try to start a small community event and by doing this also tell people about your work. This is a good strategy if planned out right, and can bring some followers as well


A lot of people seem to really stand behind word of mouth. It has never been for me, but I think if you do it right, it can work for you.


You have to remember that some people still aren't big on using the internet. Therefore, their only reliable way of marketing is offline, so yes I would say that offline marketing works..
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