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From DomainIncite - “National security” cited as registry says you have to ask its CEO if you want to register more than TWO domains

The local registry, NIXI, informed its registrars all over the world in late December that they will have to seek formal written permission directly from the CEO if a customer wishes to register more than two .in domains.

Really Bizarre!

The Registry says that it is not preventing this from happening, just requiring manual approval.
Apparently this decision has been challenged and is under appeal:

Remember NIXI’s two domain per person policy? The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is the nodal authority for [dot]in domains in India. In December 2021, NIXI published an undated notice stating that if any entity wants to register for more than two of India’s Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) - [dot]in domains, they'll have to seek written permission from the NIXI CEO. In our RTI request on this notice, NIXI responded with an incomplete response stating that the notice was issued for "national security". Go figure.

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