NIXI demanded .in websites to stop publishing dropping .in domain lists???


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This week brought some news related to dropcatching .in domain names.

It was reported in public whatsapp groups that few .in websites that published lists of dropping .in domains suddenly stopped doing this.

It was also reported that some websites received notes from NIXI regarding publishing lists of dropping .in names, as result website owners stopped publishing.

At the same time, was publishing dropping .in lists for a while and still doing this, so it seems that NIXI is after .in websites only.

It was also said that someone complained to NIXI about at least some of the above websites, and NIXI acted in such a strange manner.

I don't get it: If you are not .in registrar, you are not catching .in names, you are not offering backorder services, but rather simply publishing lists of expired .in names compiled by yourself on your own .in website, how can anyone demand to remove your content from your own website? Are there any law acts that allow NIXI to demand removing content from .in websites?


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I asked owner at Namepros - there is active thread related to there. Hopefully he will issue some "official" statement.
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