New gTLD Registrations Soar Past Half Million As .GURU Passes 50,000


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The total number of domain names registered across all new gTLDs roared past 500,000 on 15 April, jumping 46,349 registrations in one day according The number of domains registered across all of the new gTLDs stood at 558,051 as of 21 April.

And .guru has become the first of the new gTLDs to pass the 50,000 registrations mark, reaching 51,390 with a market share of 9.21 percent, and widening the gap in recent weeks to .berlin which now has 46,405 registrations, and a 8.32 percent market share. In third place is still .photography that now has 32,832 registrations.

The number of registrations has grown consistently, with registrations being in part driven by the progressive General Availability of new gTLDs, and the more successful driving bumps in total figures. One bump coming soon will be the launch of .london. Anyone with an interest in a .london domain can apply from 29 April. Preferences are given to applicants as follows:

those with trademarks verified with ICANN's Trademark Clearinghouse database
Londoners (those with a physical address in the City of London or its 32 boroughs) with rights to a name (such as proof of business or trading name)
Londoners (those with a physical address in the City of London or its 32 boroughs)
During August 2014, Dot London will allocate names according to priority ranking and where there is more than one applicant in the same priority ranking for the same domain name, an auction will decide who will get the name.
As someone who is on the sidelines with gtld, I am curious if someone is thinking about offering .delhi, .mumbai and so on. That would be interesting and could propel the overall domain discussions in India.

These city gtlds like .london, .berlin will further add visibilty to country code tlds including .in/ So its all good.


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