Most People Think That XYZ Registry Gave ABC.XYZ To Google For Free


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After Google announced that it is creating a new holding company, called Alphabet and the new website is using the domain name I ran a poll asking readers what they thought the domain was sold for.

The domain name was sold by the XYZ registry to Google for an undisclosed amount of money. The domain was sold sometime after the 30th of July, 2015 and before the 4th of August according to domain name whois history.

Source: Online Domain
I was at the Southern California Domainers Meetup on Aug 20 2015, which was held at the .xyz headquarters on Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica, California. Got to meet some famous and infamous people, some old friends and make some new introductions. Daniel was asked about how the Google deal went down and he did not want to discuss it! Bummer as that was one of the main reasons I to hear it directly from him. Anyway, guess its still early and we'll find out exactly how it went down eventually.

Had a private conversation with Daniel and he is a big believer that there are still some domains that are available to grab. He mentioned to me that the word "venue" was hand registered by someone that morning for $10 ( I asked him about buyout and he was not sure whether there was a full buyout.

Last I checked, all was taken...anyone wanna verify this?
How about - can someone check and update?

There were some naysayers in the crowd (big names too) who did not think .xyz would every come close to the .com. Others said they received a free .xyz domain with their .com registration but would not renew it after year one. My thought is that it is still early....and what happens when someone comes up with .abc?

It was real nice of Jason Thompson from Socal Domainers and the entire .xyz team to put on the event! Some pics posted...


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