Morgan Linton:How to start off in the domain investing world

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    Last week I got an email from a new domain investor. He had started out the same way most of us do – hand-registering a bunch of domain names and assuming they’re all worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

    A year has passed and not a single one has sold. What happened here?

    In following-up with this new investor I let them know, “you’re not alone, this is how most people start.” Then I moved onto the painful part – “that being said, you’re probably going to want to drop all of these and start fresh.”

    At this stage there are two moves you can make:

    1. Ignore the facts and just “assume” that you’re a genius and all the domains you thought of, that nobody else ever registered after all these years, are incredibly valuable. In which case you move is to hang onto these domains, keep renewing them, and insist that some day they’ll sell and it’s worth the holding cost.
    2. Drop your portfolio and start fresh.

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