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Via Tech Pluto, I read about Microsoft India's current marketing campaign called WinWithSearch.

How it works is that every 10 minutes Indian users get the chance to win talktime worth Rs.100($2). All you have to do is search.

Every search you make will trigger two dices at the top of search results page the the dices will start rolling.A few seconds after,when both the dices will come to rest,you will be declared a winner of FREE talktime,only if you get a combination of 6-6 in both the dices.And there will only be one winner every ten minutes.

That's an original marketing idea by Microsoft. It's a one-month marketing campaign that is scheduled to expire on January 3, 2009.

Marketing makes a big difference. So what's your next marketing campaign for your website? :)
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That's a pretty nifty thing here - how did you find out about this? Did Microsoft send an update or something?

I might be able to make us of this...


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I'm not sure if Microsoft India made an announcement. I happen to read about it via Tech Pluto (see link in original post).


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Well this is a very good idea. Only your marketing ideas will take you further in the business. So be creative. And as far as Microsoft, 2$ is not a big deal for them. So everyone must think within their restrictions to market the deal. I will try to use all the free ways to market my business.


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