LLL.in/NNN.in statistics by country


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As discussed in another post, please find below some registrations statistics by countries regarding LLL.in and NNN.in:

Feel free to share :)

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Amazing - thanks!

I'm surprised Germany is so low.
Am surprised UK has most of the NNNs...lol

Only 25% of llll.ins are regged from India? Thats not good. Some Indians are being too slow in accepting the true value of their nations' extensions.

@ OP-thanks for the info.


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These charts are based on whois data, so if people are filling false data, charts are biased :/
But I assume that it's only a small percentage of all LLL.in/NNN.in.


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Excellent article on your blog, thank you! Promoting the .in extension like this will attract new players in the game for sure :)
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