lease.....6india/com/co/net/info/org/biz REG price


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Hi, I have the domain

Its my first so maybe im attached to it too much. It is coming up to expiry date in november.
I am thinking it would be good for a Indian startup. From reading I know the Indian tech market is one of the strongest in the world.
However, I received no inquiries so I have an idea to lease it and all the other extensions out for just the reg price.

I retain ownership, but you can develope the domain in any way you want. (NOTHING ILLEGAL) If you want to keep it we can come to some arrangement later on when you know you can make something from it.

If there is no takers I will let the other names drop and just keep the in my portfolio.

Let me know what you think? Am I being unrealistic or fair or unfair. Im not used to this industry so I dont know the etiquette of these lease arrangements

Any and all advice welcome
Thanks for looking


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