Do you think this is a mistake too many people make: When marketing their website, they use keywords that are not really relevant to the site itself or what it represents.


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Do you mean keywords in the domain name or are you talking about keywords in their content? I mean, if they promote keywords that aren't relevant to their content, it's definitely a mistake.


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Yaah so many guys simply take the keywords without ensuring is it related to our website or not, they rank them on Google search results, this is not good it increases your website's bounce rate. The user will reach website through your keyword search on Google search result but they will be unsatisfied on your website if they are not getting any information what they want then suddenly left-out from that page without doing anything it increase bounce rate and will give bad user experience.


If you mean keywords that are in the domain name, then yes, you are absolutely right. But that's not really a mistake I see people making too much these days. I think a lot of us have woken up to the fact that keywords in your domain name are super important, and now people choose way more carefully.
Keywords is just one of the things which make the search bots recommend your site in a search. There are other things like authority. This is sometimes measured by the number of sites that link to your site. The value of the sites linking to your site is also taken into account. It's like something in real life. If you ask many people about something and many of them refer you to a particular individual, you would tend to assume that that particular individual is the right person to go to.


I suppose links do count for more than just keywords and it's more important to make sure that we get quality backlinks as opposed to spammy ones that link to 'no authority' sites.


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I think keywords means your business phrases, It is very important things for seo point of view, you must have to be fully skilled about keywords for any business products.
Keywords are the words which people use when they search for something on the Web. For example, when they search for 'shoes', the word 'shoes' becomes a keyword. Now, if you have a site about 'shoes', that's a keyword for you, too. What you need to do is to make sure that this keyword is used often in your site. When a person searches for 'shoes', the search bots will look up all the sites with the word 'shoes' in the content. How your site will rank in the search results is another story.
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