John Colascione: Premium GEO Domain Name Shakeup with High Number of Sales and Offerings

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    If you ever wanted to get yourself a nice flashy city, state or regional exact match GEO domain, right now seems like a good time to take notice of your surroundings. GEO, or geographic domain names are web addresses which are exact match spellings of specific places.

    “Premium” GEO domains would be considered either entire countries, states or major cities (ending in a .com), and there are a growing number of premium geographic domain names which are currently on the market, have already changed hands, or are included in large portfolio offerings.

    This, obviously, reflects either A) a great time to exit for those who believe the market for these domain names has already peaked, or B) a great time to acquire for those who feel the market yields further potential; getting it just right creates winners and losers.

    Looking at what’s out there right now, to measure the market, it appears GEO domain names are in a position of weakness and are experiencing an upward trend of ‘sell’ with more premium GEO domain names for sale, than those being acquired.

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