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Mutual funds investing in domain names are still rare in China, but this morning I came across one which I find very interesting.

First of all, the organizer says that their first fund has completed. The fund invested in a 4N .com domain name and sold it within 2.5 months for 1m CNY, yielding mid 6 figures CNY as dividend for distribution in just two and a half months.

If this information is true, then the fund managed to give a spectacular performance of about 50% return on investment. They are now seeking investors who can provide fund in the 5m to 80m CNY range.

In terms of domain names the fund acquire, there are three categories: number, letter, and Pinyin. Let’s look at each category in details.

For numeric domain names, they only focus on three extensions: com, net, and cn. The extensions also vary in their perceived quality. Obviously, .com is also king in China. With .com domain names, they can go up to 6N. The next one is .cn (up to 5N), followed by .net (4N). The accompanying note indicates that 8 in a numeric domain name is preferred but 0 and 4 are not unless the domain name is clearly undervalued.

This informative post is published on TLDinvestors by Kassey Lee. Read the complete article here


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