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The Domain Name is for sale. The Domain Name can be used for a Social Networking site or an Adult site. The choice is up to you. The name speaks for itself. It is easy to remember and easy to spell. You will get the .org and the .net Domain Names included! You will have this name completely locked up! NO ONE will be able so cyber squat on your name!

I'm asking $8,000.00 for the Domain Name. This isn't a JUNK DOMAIN NAME! There are no hyphens, numbers, or dashes. This is an UPPER LEVEL Domain Name. Go to Google to check out what an Upper Level Domain Name means!!!!

Think this offer is too high? owns the domain name freakybehavior.CO but listed freakybehavior.COM on Godaddy's auction. I happened to catch the auction before it could be sold. Attached is a screenshot of what they priced the .CO at ..... $6,000.00! So for an extra $2,000.00 you are getting the .org and the .net! But there is more!


You will also get the Twitter and Facebook names too! Yup, this is a COMPLETE BRANDING DOMAIN NAME PACKAGE. You will not find a better Domain Name package than this. And at this price, it is a STEAL! But make me a DECENT OFFER. You NEVER know what I might accept!


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