INDRP - Pipeline getting worse


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Here is a sampling of pending INDRPs as of today and IMO the audacity or ignorance of some of these folks is not even funny.

TRADEMARKS ARE A STRICT NO NO: 30.03.2015 Mr. C.A. Brijesh 06.04.2015 Dr. A K Bansal 08.04.2015 Ms. Divya Balasundaram 13.04.2015 Mr. Jayant Kumar 17.04.2015 Mr. Sonal Kumar Singh 23.04.2015 Mr. Amarjit Singh 28.04.2015 Mr. A.K. Singh 29.04.2015 Ms. Harini Narayanswamy 29.04.2015 Mr. Nikilesh Ramachandran 01.05.2015 Ms. Deepa Gupta 01.05.2015 Mr. Ranjan Narula 01.05.2015 Mr. Rodney D Ryder 06.05.2015 Mr. Rajeev Singh Chauhan

Not sure what the registrants of these dot INs were even thinking if at all !!!!

DISCLAIMER - I have not looked up the WHOIS data in any of these cases and if you are a forum member do not take this personally. King

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The good news is that these corporations actions here prove that .in domains are increasing in value. Who chases whats not valuable to them? yes, naive move by those domain holders.


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