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hey guys,

found a nice domain just by reading the home delivery menu I used last night.
my local Indian restaurant has a chicken GOD as a chef and I have never tasted a more moist, flavorsome chicken tikka in my life (im addicted)

this domain will have many many different opinions but in the U.S for a franchise it will do very well.
its a 50 / 50 (on quality) for an everyday domain but even if i turn it into a directory it should earn some extra cash

oh well, any ideas on this domain

'indian home delivery'

* now its a directory for the U.S (just a population thing) ...running it in the U.S will help as there are many indian restaurants that do home delivery

i know its not a 'gem' but on sale the funds go to the investment on a more expensive domain
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was that hand regged?

yeah, 99.99% of my domains are hand was from a home delivery menu

its not exactly the best but if i get 20 listings on it then its some free money for little work.

every dollar adds up.
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