Indian Schools in Language Row


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Interesting case reported on Currently, there is a dispute involving Kannada private schools switching to English.

Karnataka is the only state in the country to impose the local language as the medium of instruction in private schools, much to the distress of parents, many of whom want their children to be taught in English, perceived as a gateway to progress in life and career.

The schools are caught between a bureaucracy that last month gave them the go-ahead and an education minister, who insists on the local language, Kannada, being the medium of instruction.

There is a hearing scheduled before the Supreme Court on 6 February.

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It is shocking, but it is true.My cousin has moved to this state and she is teaching in a Business school. The medium has to be English, but the students insist to be taught in Kannada as they don't understand English. This is being unfair on the part of authorities. In this time of globalization command over English is must.


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That's interesting Sanju123. So did your cousin actually end up teaching in Kannada rather than English?


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Actually my cousin is from North so learning Kannada for her was next to impossible. The students refused to be taught even in Hindi. She is continuing with English as college authorities stood by her side.


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