Indian Engineers develop an app that could make people stop using Google Search


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Indian Engineers have develop an app named 'Light' that could make people stop using Google Search.
Light is an answering engine built on NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine learning and man-machine hybrid technologies.

"It is system that processes a lot of data (big data), makes associations (relational data), learns (artificial intelligence/machine learning) and makes conversation with humans,” says Sanjeev, one of the founders.

Apart from Machine Learning and NLP, the system also relies on ‘Man-Machine hybrid technologies’- a process by which Light manages the data that the machine does not comprehend, by supporting it with human input. For eg- a psychology based query that may need to have a more evolved answer, or an opinion based answer that needs to be sent out based on a topical query. The NLP system learns from each Human input it receives, thus facilitating future queries on the same topic to be auto-answered by the system.
“We have the option wherein users of the app can become experts also, wherein they can answer queries related to their domain of expertise. Users can sign up as experts on the app. Expert answers are checked and moderated by the system as well as by peer review,” says Sanjeev.

The story can be read at YourStory


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