Impact of falling Chinese stock market on domain names


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There is quite a bit of instability in the world markets right now. Outside of the US, one of the biggest markets for domain names during the past several years has been China. The Chinese stock market has grown at a tremendous rate, and similarly, the value of Chinese-favored domain names like short numeric and acronym .com domain names have grown as well.

Gone are the days when the worst 3 letter .com domain names would sell for $3,000 +/-. Now it’s more like a $10-15,000 floor for any 3 letter .com domain names, regardless of the letters. Short numeric domain names are selling for more than I’ve ever seen them. I reached out to several industry brokers to see how they think the domain market will be impacted if the Chinese stock market falls. Specifically, I asked about the “impact a major correction in the Chinese stock markets might have on domain names being sold to Chinese buyers (primarily short 2-4 letter and 2-4 number domain names).”

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