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B2B directory website for sale + Domain + 1 Year Hosting = $1700

B2B directory site ready to bring in cash. It takes nothing to manage this site. Just set your setting and watch the money flow in. Right now the web site name is towards one general culture. But you can change this with no problem. For $ 1700, you cant get a better deal then the one I am offering. Consider how expansive software is and amount of time you would spend to write codes. Not in this case everything is already done for you. Just the transfer of name into your hosting account and your set. Listed bellow are few of the features.


E- mail -

General Features

# Unlimited Nested Categories & Listings
# Unlimited Editor Accounts
# Real Time Validation and Checking
# Automatic Reciprocal Link Checking
# Multiple language support
# Easy templates customization & integration
# Copyright link removal
# Language switching

Administrator Features

* Database backup tool
* Immediate Email Notification of Events
* Add, edit, delete categories and listings
* Move listings from one category to another
* Set link status as Active, Approval or Banned
* Track stats for visits, clicks & domain referrers
* Track keyword search logs
* Backup table or database
* Change categories order
* Add related categories
* Sort Links in Link Directory
* Setup number of links that are displayed in your categories
* Setup number of links that are displayed on your New, Top, Popular links
* Configure Google Adsense code
* Configure reciprocal link checking from admin panel
* Turn on/off cron execution from admin panel
* Create, Modify Link Fields
* Categories Lock
* View Server Info
* Language File Editor
* Easy Patch and Upgrades applier
* Change admin account details
* Get new link submission notification
* Get payment notification
* Manage editors/edit editor account details
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