Huge data : .Monster crosses the 2 million mark overnight!

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    Dot .Monster, the latest (new) gTLD from the XYZ Registry, hit a major milestone overnight, crossing 2 million domain registrations.

    The brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Daniel Negari, dot .Monster reached stratospheric levels, less than 24 hours after a heated Twitter exchange occurred between the CEO and the Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

    Said Daniel Negari:

    “I’m thrilled by the news, and the free publicity by the Domain King. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine surpassing such a milestone so fast. Waking up to my yoga chimes, home-made oat meal and now this.

    I love .com and I love Rick, he’s old school but still very feisty – I like that challenge! Many thanks to our XYZ blog readers and supporters, now I won’t have to tuck free domains in your NetSol accounts as we did with .XYZ!”