How Category Defining Domains Are Helping Jesse Stein Build an E-Commerce Powerhouse

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The August Cover Story is out at Over the last five years life long entrepreneur Jesse Stein and the Coral Gables, Florida based company that he founded, Triton Web Properties, has been quietly assembling a portfolio of top-notch category defining domain names with one goal in mind - to use each of their acquisitions as the foundation to build a globally recognized, profitable e-commerce business upon. That is certainly easier said than done and it would be easy to dismiss such talk if the 41-year-old Stein didn't already have a long track record of multi-million dollar online business successes. As has been the case with many entrepreneurs, that success came only after valuable lessons were learned from a business bust. Stein told us about the ups and the downs in a journey that we think anyone who wants to run their own online business will find illuminating. You can read the full story here:
How Category Defining Domain Names Are Helping Jesse Stein Turn    Triton Web Properties Into an E-Commerce Powerhouse
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