Hello from Canada


Hello all, I am new, just purchased my first .in (HotPicture.in), and I'm very interested in seeing where this will lead me. Currently I have come to inForum.in and it looks like a good community. Thanks for having me :D


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Welcome synin and you have got a good domain registered to start with, do note that sex / adult domains are kind of prohibited ... you may read few posts on this forum (adult domains section) - to learn more about it!

Greetings once again from the capital of India!


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Hello and welcome synin. I live in Canada too.

So I guess you speak like a Canadian, eh? ;)



Thanks for the welcome. As for the domain, I was not intending to develop it as an adult site, but due to the keyword it does somewhat come across as that. But it can also be directed towards other things as I'm sure you can understand.


Glad to know there's another Canadian around, and yes, I do light up the eh once and awhile ;)


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Welcome to INForum synin! There are actually several Canadians here.


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Glad to know there's another Canadian around, and yes, I do light up the eh once and awhile ;)

Alas, I'm not a 'genuine' Canadian. I'm just an English person living in Canada. ;) However, as Jeff has already mentioned, there are real Canadians on INForum. :)


Hahaha, well I'm definitely interested in seeing who it is that I come across on here :).
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