gTLDs: Revolution of New Dots Is Here; There Will Be Winners and Losers


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One of the most problematic things about the new gTLD space is that all of the applicants are trying to accomplish the same exact thing; to create a single authoritative place for their industry or brand. So they all want their dot, to be “the” dot. However, what they all do seem to agree on is the risk and/or greatest fear that users will fail to adopt to the change and that all the good .coms are gone.

“Well, I guess everyone’s biggest fear is that there isn’t adoption. And, you know, it seemed like a good idea at the time but there isn’t a take-up. Or that, other devices might come into the fray that have not, that we aren’t using right now. I don’t see that anytime soon. You know, Verisign is registering millions of names every quarter. And let’s be honest, this program is here to bring some choice and variety and some specificity to naming. It’s been a long long time since anybody has been able to register a really good name in the primary name space. So there is obviously a pent-up demand, so our biggest fear would be that there is no take-up, but I think that is unlikely; I hope that it is unlikely.” – Daniel Schindler, Co-founder, Donuts

The article concludes with:

"No-one really knows what is going to happen, all anyone can try and do is speculate and guess. This is because its all dependent on human adaptiveness and consumer reaction.
The new names are here. The question is how many of them will make it, how many of them will be used for things, regardless of how much they are used; people will use them to some extent. Just like people use .info, .biz, etc… Some will be winners and some will be losers. Some may disappear forever. These new gTLDs will represent one of the largest investment opportunities of all time, or they will create record-breaking financial losses."

This is a good article when it comes to new gtlds.
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