Google Wins Domain Name in INDRP Case


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It was predictable that Google would win the domain in INDRP arbitration proceedings.

The respondent, who registered the domain on 20th May 2009, did not file a response (no surprise there).

The Complainant has also sent a Cease and Desist notice to the Respondent on the contact details provided in the WHOIS records. Thereupon, the Respondent telephonically informed the Complainant that he has closed the site. The Respondent thereafter also sent a letter to the Complainant confirming that he has closed down the website and assured that he will cooperate towards resolution of the matter. Thereafter, no response has been received from the Respondent. Thus, Respondent can at any time activate the domain or sell or transfer to a third party.

The foregoing circumstances lead to the presumption that the domain name in dispute was registered and used by the Respondent in bad faith.
So what's your opinion about why this domain was registered? Reason 1, Reason 2 or Reason 3? I'm guessing it's no. 3...
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