Google Plus may help identify buyers


Some people don’t like dealing with prospective buyers who use a free email address like Gmail. The thinking is that it could be a corporate buyer with a big budget trying to go under the radar to get a better deal. I happen to like dealing with buyers who use Gmail addresses.

An “anonymous” looking Gmail address like may seem to make it difficult to identify the prospective buyer. This is especially the case if the prospect fills out the form with the name “John” and doesn’t include a phone number. The first thing I do is search for that email address within my Gmail account. This will identify if the person has emailed me before, but more importantly, it will also show their Google Plus page if they have one.

On quite a few occasions, I have been able to search an anonymous-looking Gmail address and determine the person’s name because of their Google Plus page. This is a good jump-off point because once I know their name I can do more due diligence. The Google Plus page may also yield additional information about the prospective buyer and/or the plans for the domain name. This doesn’t always provide any additional information about the prospect, but even if there is no information revealed, that could show that the Gmail address was created specifically for the inquiry.

I have written about a few other ways you may be able to identify a prospective buyer. The first tip is to ask for a phone number so you have more information that can be useful in finding out who is inquiring. The other tip is to search Facebook using the email address and perhaps there will be a match.



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