Google lands a fine of €1.49 billion in Adsense antitrust case

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Google has now got hit with their third huge fine from the EU, €1.49 billion, ($1.7 billion) this time around, which is the third highest fine they have had to pay.

This was in regards to Adsense, Venture Beat wrote:

In those previous filings, the EU noted that Google had originally required some sites, particularly bigger partners, to use AdSense exclusively if they wanted to use Google’s search box. Later, those terms were modified to allow some ads from competitors if they were placed in less favorable positions on the page, the EU says.

Google eventually dropped these conditions in 2016, which is when the EU formally launched its inquiry. But Vestager noted that Google’s ability to limit or exclude advertising competitors over a decade allowed it to gain a nearly unassailable leadership position, due to the network effects of online ad markets.

“Google’s rivals were unable to grow,” she concluded.



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