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Google has finally listened to webmasters and will be introducing a disavow links tool:

Google To Build Disavow Link Feature In Webmaster Tools

Removing these links after they are pointing to your site is a hard thing. Negative SEO is more of a concern then ever. So why shouldn't Google add this? Webmasters want it and Google could benefit from it.

A big win for Google, as it forces yet more webmasters to register their websites with Google.

Klara Hansson

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This disavow tool is really one of the best tool to remove badlinks of your website. Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, denote a replacement video discussing a number of the a lot of common mistakes once victimization the deny tool. Below square measure the six most typical mistakes. Note the primary one is out and away the foremost common mistake of all of them.
(1) The file you transfer ought to be an everyday computer file solely. No syntax or fonts or sorting ought to be worn out this file. folks typically transfer Microsoft Word documents, stand out spreadsheets, and so on. simply transfer a text (TXT) file.
(2) usually, the primary try by users square measure to be terribly specific and fine-tuned with their individual URLs. Instead use a domain: command and deny the complete website. that's typically higher.

(3) Wrong syntax is another common issue; use the correct syntax inside the TXT file.

(4) don't write the story on why you're denying within the disavow computer file. do this instead within the reconsideration request, not within the computer file

(5) thereupon, once you do add comments to your deny tool properly use comment out tags. folks typically forget to uncomment out or comment out and it causes syntax errors. it's going to be at an advantage to not comment the least bit within the file or limit your commenting, Matt said.

(6) The deny isn't the be all and finish all. it'll not cure all of your URLs. pack up your links outside of the deny tool likewise, don’t simply take the road approach.


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