GoDaddy has no Android App and people on Google Play think the “GoDaddy Investor” app is fake!


The GoDaddy Investor app… An app that could be so much yet it is next to useless.

It was supposedly rushed into making its debut for Namescon 2016 in January 2016. Since then no further development has been done. Nothing that we can see anyway.

People at Google Play are giving it some of the worst reviews as they don’t understand what it does. And some people say it is a fake app.

People say they can’t sign up to GoDaddy and when they do at they say the app has nothing on it. Of course it is!

The app can’t even be used to search for domain names in GoDaddy auctions. You have to go to visit, search for expired domains and only then you can bid for them using the GoDaddy investor app.

Of course the app can’t be used to bid on any other auction except for expired domains. So let’s say you have a list of names added to your watch list and then you forgot (or don’t know) that some are not expired domains. When you use the GoDaddy investor app they will simply not show up and you will probably forget about them.

Yes, GoDaddy investor app is a doing a disservice to GoDaddy. People will be less, GoDaddy will make less money.

And of course the app not only has it not improved but it has gotten worse. Notifications on Android stopped since at about January 9th, 2018. I was bidding on a name a few days back, made a bid 4 minutes before end time (I was lucky I opened the app at exactly 5 minutes before auction was closing as I did not receive the 15 minute warning), I was the high bidder and then I simply received no notification I was outbid and lost the domain. Now it seems that alerts are working again.



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