Fraud Alert: Namejet Bidder Selling A Domain Before The Auction Ends


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The domain name is I immediately checked whois and saw that the domain is in "Pending Renewal or Deletion" status and is in an auction at Namejet. I asked how much and I was quoted a $2,000 price.

Here is the email that was sent out:

"Good Morning,

You own a name very similar to a domain name we recently received an offer on,

Before this name is gone for good, I wanted to ask if you feel the domain would be of benefit to you.

If you would give me a call at +1 (818) 964 1115 or send a quick reply via email letting me know it would be most appreciated.

Scott York

SLY Media

PS: If there is someone else I should reach out to regarding this please let me know or be so kind to forward this on to him or her."

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If you are participating in this auction, beware!


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