Fiverr gigs available for One dollar only - special offer for one lucky customer


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Fiverr is a website where gigs cost a minimum of five dollars but we are offering a gig for $1. Read on to find more about this sad story of exploitation of a single woman business owner in india by extremely jealous cruel powerful men in the internet industry.

We are now able to offer fiverr gigs for $4.5 or more. Bulk discounts are available. We have more than $55 in our fiverr account, but are unable to withdraw the money to our Indian bank account, because one or more powerful persons in the Indian internet industry wants to falsely claim that the account belongs to his young slim lazy girlfriend sunaina , who is actually not doing anything. So this powerful person is abusing his powers and blocking withdrawals to the account of the real Fiverr account holder, and insisting on scanned copies that could be misused..

Ebay India has already been conned by the cheater sunaina and her gang of liars and cybercriminals, and now this ruthless cruel gang wants to target our Fiverr account also, so that their lazy fraud friend sunaina is able to steal lucrative assignments and powers from the real account holder because she has a gang of cybercriminals backing her. The real account holder is facing so much persecution that she cannot even receive phone calls, smses, emails, mails, a sad story of the human rights abuses and atrocities on experienced webmasters in india today.

Anyone wanting to order a gig on fiverr costing $5, can pay us $4.5 through Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney, Indian rupees(equivalent amount), and we will order any gig you want. For the first person who avails of this offer , a fiverr gig will be available for one dollar only


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