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I found out so many domains with PR1 and PR2. But immediately after buying them, i could see that there are no PR for them. how is this possible. I checked it with google toolbar. But late i was found to have been cheated. How can we avoid such situations?


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You can check Pageranks using some of the online tools. They tell you the actual pageranks of the domain. You can use them to see the pagerank as well as they tell whether it is valid or not.
Here are two sites that you can use. Site one , site two


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Also, even if the domain's pagerank is legitimate, a lot of expired domains lose their pagerank pretty quickly.


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What happens is users point these domain names to realy PR websites, like I have a PR4 and point a few domain there for traffic and google gives them a PR4 just beause they are cloaking the website. Us dnscoop.com it will tell you if it has a valid pr for or not before you buy.


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Also, even if the domain's pagerank is legitimate, a lot of expired domains lose their pagerank pretty quickly.

This is the reason why I am seeing such that is said to have a page rank of 4 but when I check it on a page rank checker. It only said pr 1. Now, I understand.

How can I maintain my domain?s page rank even if I?m not using it?


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to maintain your PR rank you have to develop the site.. Your site has to have some kind of content for google to index. if you park the site google will notice a one page with no links or information resulting in a drastic decline in PR rank. So you basically need more content and backlinks.


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Yea Frankly you need to focus on Content, and if you have some niche content then it would and you no longer use it, then its more probable that its PR would die out slowly.


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How people build up fake PR? I am very much eager to know that. In what way it will help because google will update the PR every month and if its fake, they will lose the PR. So it will be temporarily only for about one month time.


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Hi cobuddy, You can find an explanation of how people fake PR at: Fake PR - Faking Pagerank :

Sites fake PR by looking for the Googlebot, then redirecting it to a high PR site, like Yahoo.com. Google sees that users actually land on Yahoo.com and the PR Bar in turn reflects the PR of the Yahoo.com rather than your site.

My guess is that the reason these people fake the PR is because others will then pay a higher price for the domain/website. Hope this helps.
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