Facebook, Twitter and D.T. (T-Mobile) buy 1-letters

Recent publishing of whois records after the .ie 1 and 2 letter domains release in Ireland show that 3 internet and communications giants - Facebook, Twitter and Deutsche Telekom (the owner of T-Mobile) have registered 1-character short domains.

In case of Twitter the domains might be used similar to already owned t.co . What could be the plans of the other companies? Will Facebook use it for some new internet service?
And how might this buys affect the short domains market?

Read more about and see the latest 1-letter sales list here: http://1-single-letter-domains.com/news/news1/?r=_i1letters_ie
Neat, 1 letter domains are gaining exposure towards the huge chinese traffic. And I underestimated the power of 1 letter domain names at first. Seems to be quite relevant to even make those social media titans register with only one letter. I think they have an ongoing business plan for those domain names, instead of hoarding them to cripple that market. They are very well known for their outgoing entrepeneurism.
I suppose the value might grow jet since especially the shortest format domains - C.LL - still are limited to countries so their number is very low, between 1500-2800 globally , I would say 1800 on my calculations are really market released.


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