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Hello fellow domainers,

I accept credit cards, paypal and escrow.com.

Sometimes I may have a domain name to give away free and other times I may have some GREAT deals on my domain names. Other times I will give you a couple hours warning when I might place some domain names up for auction. If you would like to get on my emailing list please send me an email to contact@domainer.me along with your name, how you found me, and your email address.

First of all you can see (and easily sort) many (but not all) of my domain names for sale by visiting this Sedo link.

Thank you!

Please note that I will be listing this same thread in many other domain forums as well. The first person that emails me with the domain name following the word sold then that particular domain name(s) is sold to that person.

HappyLandscaping.com - $15 expires June/08/09 GoDaddy

N-UF.com - ONLY $15 (sounds like "enough") expires June/08/09 GoDaddy

Salarying.com - JUST $15 expires June/25/09 GoDaddy (dictionary one word)

Authorizable.com - ONLY $15 expires June/27/09 GoDaddy (dictionary 1 word)

Scuttering.com - ONLY $10 expires June/27/09 GoDaddy (dictionary 1 word

JustCriticism.com - $15 expires June/27/09 GoDaddy (dictionary one word

ONLY $100 for all 4 listed below. GREAT for a portfolio site.
PronouncingDomains.com PronouncingDomainNames.com June/27/09 GoDaddy
PronouncingDomain.com PronouncingDomainName.com July/1/09

I also own Pronouncing.com and Pronouncings.com (Must be an offer no less than $1,000.
Pronouncings.com is included at no additional cost to the buyer)

ONLY $100 for all 4 listed below. GREAT for a portfolio site.
SayableDomains.com SayableDomainNames.com June/27/09 GoDaddy
SayableDomain.com SayableDomainName.com

I also own Sayable.com and sayables.com (Must be an offer no less than $1,000. sayables.com is included at no additional cost to the buyer)

Pertinacy.com - ONLY $5 expires June/27/09 GoDaddy (dictionary 1 word)

Untowardly.com JUST $5 expires June/27/09 GoDaddy (dictionary 1 word)

Buy both domain names and pay ONLY $18.00 You save $2.00
BiggestDumbass.com $10 expires July/4/09 GoDaddy
TheBiggestDumbass.com $10 expires July/4/09 GoDaddy

CityScare.com $9 expires July/4/09 GoDaddy

Nondescriptly.com - JUST $12 (dictionary one word)

WrestlingViews.com - ONLY $18 expires July/4/09 GoDaddy

TollFreeDial.com & TollFreeDialing.com ONLY $50 for both (combined deal) GREAT for a calling card or 1-800 toll free site) July/4/09 GoDaddy

YourDailyHumor.com & YourDailyHumour.com ONLY $30 for both (combined deal) AMAZING domain names for a humor site.

OJXX.com ONLY $100 (easy to remember OJ XX) Expires July/06/09

BurnSomeRubber.com JUST $75 (VERY catchy name for a tire company. Have had inquiries regarding this one) Expires July/22/09

DieselFuelIncome.com $10 Expires July/22/09

HousingAppeals.com $20 Expires July/22/09

Lodgebank.com $9

2 Letter, 2 Number, 2 Character . Prices Slashed for 2 character.cc. Was $185 a piece, and NOW ONLY $115 a piece for 2 Character .cc below, excluding QT.cc, QZ.cc, and ZQ.cc which has it's own price.

2 letter and 2 character domain names are collectibles because there are sooo few of them per each domain extension. They are rare and their value (usually but not always) tends to increase in the future and the longer that you hold on to them.

The max possible combinations for two letters are:

26 x 26 = 676 - ONLY - 676 - 2 letter combinations per domain extension.

36 x 36 = 1,296 -ONLY - 1,296 - 2 character combinations per domain extension.

QT.cc - Was $3,995 Now ONLY $3,500 (sounds like "cutie")

QZ.cc - Was $995 NOW ONLY $950 If you buy ZQ.cc as well I can make both for $1,960. It will then ONLY be $980 a piece. That's a $30.00 savings off both total .

ZQ.cc - Was $995 NOW ONLY $950 If you buy QZ.cc as well I can make both for $1,850. It will then ONLY be $925 a piece. That's a $50.00 savings off both totally.

JUST $115 for 2 character .cc domain names. ONLY $110 per 2chracter if you buy 2 or more.


































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