Epik takes Whois search counts to another level


Domain name registrar provides additional Whois data that could help you identify domain buyers.

Last week Alvin Brown published a tutorial on how to get Whois search counts for your domain names at GoDaddy. This data can be helpful when considering the value of your domain names and potential buyer interest in them.

Rob Monster, who runs the domain name registrar Epik, commented about the approach Epik takes with Whois data and I found it interesting.

In addition to providing Whois search counts, Epik color codes them based on how frequently the same IP address is checking the Whois record:

Then you can view the actual IP addresses of Whois searches. Think about how this could be helpful: you receive an anonymous inquiry for one of your domains and you’re trying to figure out who the buyer is. Take a look at recent IP addresses and they might tie back to a particular company.

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