Efty just announced a brand new marketplace theme, and IMHO – it rocks

Discussion in 'Registrars' started by Prashant Sharan, Jul 4, 2019.

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    Today Efty announced a brand new theme for anyone that has a custom marketplace for their domains hosted through the platform. I’ll spill the beans and tell you that I knew this was coming since I got a sneak peek of it while I was in Portugal with Doron, one of the founders of Efty.

    Like the title of the post says, the new theme rocks, and it’s not just because the demo site happens to be for NameRockstar…but that is a pretty nice coincidence. The theme is super clean, easy to navigate, and looks great on mobile. Given that most of the people going to your domains are doing so on a mobile phone, it makes a lot of sense that Efty decided to go mobile-first when designing this theme.

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