Duplicative.com - NO RESERVE @ Flippa - Premium 1 Word Dictionary Domain


Duplicative.com Flippa Auction:

This is the first time I list this domain for sale. I set it to "No Reserve" for this great opportunity to own One Word Dictionary Domain with The most common extension.

Similar 1 word .com domains:

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accumotive.com $15,000
mediative.com $12,500
adventive.com $12,000
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Domain Features:

1- Brandable One Word Domain
2- Easy to remember
3- Pronounceable
4- Instant credibility & recognition for your company
5- has 465,000 Google results & 5,368 Monthly Searches & CPC $1.38 USD

* It's a REAL unique business opportunity to own a premium 1 word domain while still available at this No Reserve Auction.

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I just wanted to let you know that the popularity of Duplicative.com auction is increased (many buyers watch closely on this auction) so if you want to get it you should also keep track of the domain auction by bidding or clicking on "Watch This" button ..

** Estibot appraisal Value: $ 1300
** domainindex appraisal value: 1,740 USD
** Flippa users: up to $1000

Some of Flippa Users Comments on its appraisal page:

1- "Has potential to become like copyscape"

2- "highly brandable"

3- "I like it... I would give you $300 right away. Develop something on it and it could be worth ten to twenty times more."

4- "Domain of good quality...."

*** Bid Now on this No Reserve Auction and get the domain under its real value ...

Check the Auction:



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