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New Member reports that the owner of has lost his domain in a National Arbitration Forum case. He purchased the disputed domain in March 2009. The domain was parked.

The complainant (edHelper) operates the website, and owns a trademark for EDHELPER used in association with:

Educational services, namely, providing a web site that can be customized by teachers, featuring worksheets, puzzles, reading comprehesions, lesson plans, writing prompts, materials for teachers to post to bulletin boards, and test prep materials.
The arbitrator favoured the complainant's argument that "" was a typo for "" - I think the complainant was overreaching here!

Unfortunately, the owner of did not respond to the complaint. Another thing that hurt him is that his parked domain had many educational ads that overlapped with the complainant's services.

What do you think of this latest decision?

Should owners of domains like and be worried by this aggressive complainant? These example domains are currently parked and display some educational ads (which is not surprising if the main keyword is "helper"). I had never heard of until today, and previously would have thought that parking would have been safe enough... obviously not...

Food for thought: How closely do you monitor the ads on your parked domain?
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