Domain name portfolio acquisitions; monetizing with Adsense

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    In this week's Top Topics, we find out more about the best way to acquire a complete domain name portfolio, and an investor asks about the lack of demand for new gTLD's. Elsewhere, this week's featured poll asks domainers to vote on the number one factor to take into consideration when choosing a domain registrar.

    What’s the Best Way to Acquire a Portfolio?

    Domain name portfolio acquisitions have been in the news this week after Uni announced its portfolio acquisition plan, for domain investors looking for liquidity. The spotlight on portfolio purchases has got some domainers thinking.

    In this discussion, an investor asks what the strategy is for acquiring domain portfolios. Aside from the question of agreeing on a price, what solutions are there to solve the logistical problem of acquiring several hundred domain names, or more, at a time?

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