Domain Aftermarket Flexes Mid-Range Muscles With More Than 40 Five-Figure Sales

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    The new weekly domain sales Report is out at This was an unusual week for the domain aftermarket. No six-figure sales were reported but a flood of solid five-figure transactions closed - enough that we could have filled two Top 20 Charts with them and still had some left over.

    In addition to another strong .com performance (11 of the 20 chart entries went to .coms), the non. Com gTLDs had their best outing of the year by far with 14 five-figure sales, four of which landed on the all extension leader board. The ccTLDs also continued to show consisent strength, claiming five places on the elite list. Bot the country codes and the non .Com gTLDs had sales that rank among the year’s ten biggest in those categories. You can get all of the details here: Domain Aftermarket Flexes Its Mid-Range Muscles With More Than 40 Five-Figure Sales This Week