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Are you the type of person that makes decisions for yourself or are you forced to make choices by other people ?


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I prefer to be a leader. If you depend on others to make decisions for you, then you'll be just that, a dependent. That may be fine for some people, but if you ever wish to success and reach your potential, you've got to make your own decisions. Advice is fine, but use it as a guide.


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It depends upon the situation. If its a real complicated one, I ask others opinions and decide. But if its less risky, I stick to whatever my heart says.


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Are you the type of person that makes decisions for yourself or are you forced to make choices by other people ?
I am the person who makes decisions for myself. And I want to add that if somebody try to influence on me, I try to take into the consideration all circumstances and all points of view. And only after that I make the decision.


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there are times when i want someone to decide for me, which i know is not good. but it still depends on the situation. if i know that the other person has the best decision for me, then i will let him/her decide.
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