Do not rush to agree to a domain sale

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    An interesting lesson I’ve learned is that even when the other party seems to be in a rush to acquire one of your domains, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

    Recently, one of my aged two word .com domains received an offer for which I sent out a quote. The other party stalled for a weekend, then came back with a counter-offer that was 30% less than my asking price.

    Despite making a great ROI on a $100 investment, that counter-offer was not enough for me to sell the domain.

    Instead of responding right away with a yes or no, I told them that I would think about it, and asked how soon they would be willing to wrap up the transaction.

    That extra time, apparently put pressure on my buyer who appeared to be jittery and anxious to complete the acquisition as soon as possible.

    As I found out, there was a reason for them to act like that: they had negotiated the acquisition of the matching .ORG, in a Sedo transaction.

    By stalling for just one day, without really saying no to the counter-offer, I was able to gain an important advantage. My counter-offer was very close to my original asking price, and the buyer agreed immediately.

    Instead of rushing to complete the domain sale, I managed to maximize my ROI, all while retaining a civilized level of communication with the buyer.

    Domain assets are no different than other premium assets, such as works of art. But that’s fodder for another story I’ll share at some point.

    This informative case study was shared on Acro