DNJ T20 | Top SALE: Zhaunxue.com ("Transfer", Chinese) CNY 1.18 Mn. (approx $190,098)


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Top SALE: Zhaunxue.com ( "Transfer" in Chinese ) CNY 1.18 Million ( approx $190,098 )

Top ccTLD: MaiMai.cn ( "Buy/Sell" or "Trade" in Chinese) $50,000

Top 'OTHER' TLD: Movie.info ​ ​$24,626

Top 'New TLD' / 'nTLD':English.CLUB $17,500

OTHER nTLD Transactions: Kent.BIKE $2,500 | Travel.​NINJA $2,300​ | Find.REVIEWS $2,000 ​ | Time.​TRAVEL $2,000​ | ​Kreuzfahrt.GURU $1,755 | Aloha.CLUB $1,500 | C​he.CLUB $1,500 | Foxy.CLUB $1,500 | Neptune.CLUB $1,500 | Scout.VENTURES $1,000 | Links.XYZ $1,000​ ​

​Top .IN: (#16) PluralSight.IN $16,000 | Other IN Sales: Winner.IN $1,553 | Towels.IN $1,000 |

Percentage of .COMs in the TOP 20 (10 out of 20) = 50%


dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm Excerpts:​

A 6-Figure Chinese .Com Sale and a Powerful ccTLD Performance Light Up This Week's Domain Sales Chart

By Ron Jackson

Editor's Note: This double length column covering the past two weeks worth of reported domain sales (coupled with the double-length report we posted July 11) will bring you fully up to date to on all sales reported during and after my recently concluded anniversary/vacation break. From this point forward we will be back on our usual weekly schedule with a new sales column coming out every Wednesday evening.

The past two weeks of domain sales were highlighted by a big Chinese entree with a lot of ccTLD seasoning! Our latest chart topper was yet another sizeable Chinese .com sale - Zhaunxue.com ("transfer" in Chinese) - at a cool 1,180,000 CNY, which equals $190,098 at today's exchange rate.

Luo Cheng, chairman of the influential 360 Education Group announced the purchase on Weibo.com where it came to the attention of our China correspondent, George Hong of Guta.com. Approximately 150,000 Chinese students study overseas each year and 360 has built a solid business around that transfer market.

The next two spots on this week's all extension Top 20 Sales Chart were filled by solid .com sales at Sedo where #2 Satoshi.com changed hands for $75,000 and #3 CIN.com commanded $55,000 [ . . . ]

[ See More: dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm ]



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